2022 News

2022 marks the first year in many years that a price increase of TCfeline Original premix is necessary, because of ever increasing cost of ingredients, materials and freight. A $7.00 increase may look like a lot, but translates into just 38 cents more per batch of cat food (10 days) or less then 4 cents per day per cat. The raw food made with the premix remains a very cost effective choice and is often below the cost of feeding canned food. However, if you feel you may not be able to afford this, please refer to my "from-scratch recipe" HERE. You will add egg yolk, edible bone meal, gelatin, salmon oil, Taurine, and Vitamin E as ingredients instead of the premix. Whether this will be more cost effective per recipe, compared with the cost of $4.00 for the premix, is for you to decide. Personally, my experience has been that the most significant savings can be realized by purchasing the meat wholesale, farm direct, or obtain it from hunting. Bulk amounts of meat can be portioned and kept frozen for use in making cat food.  

Savings can be incurred when purchasing two pouches of premix at once, because the cost of shipping two pouches is often only marginally more then shipping a single pouch. 

Supply chain issues that are currently affecting businesses of all sizes globally have not left me untouched and I recommend reordering premix at least one month ahead of running out. I always try to ship the next business day, but more often in this new year find myself low in stock while anticipating the arrival of ingredients which, invariably, arrive much later then estimated. This can sometime delay the shipping of orders by a week.

The appearance of the premix is slightly changed with the start of the new year, because I am once more able to get krill powder that is less finely ground. That means that the krill is very visible in the premix as reddish flecks throughout the premix. That is normal and desirable.

Sprinkles nutritional yeast is sadly discontinued due to low interest. This is somewhat surprising, because nutritional yeast is loved by so many cats and many a reluctant eater was enticed to eat raw by top dressing their food with this. It was also perfect for masking the taste of medication or supplements in the food. If you were a Sprinkles fan, please know that nutritional yeast is readily available in most grocery stores and health food stores, and your cat certainly doesn't have to go without.