For two decades, I have been driven to provide caregivers with information to better understand and care for their cats, and to provide products to ease the commitment of feeding a home-made or raw meat diet. In the search for optimal care for feline companions I turned to analyzing the lives and needs of small cats in the wild, leaving more conventional care methods aside. 2018 marks 20 years of my innovative cat food premix, and I am looking back at 23 years of my revolutionary raw cat food recipe, which is prepared from scratch likely by hundreds of thousands of cat owners around the world. My cat food premix has stood the test of time and established itself as an exceptional product. It remains unequaled in quality and research, and in my own mind it is the best thing you can feed your cat next to mice.

This is possible, because I am not a pet food business which would undoubtedly cut corners for profit. I remain a one person business by choice; a graphic designer and photographer with a scientific and analytical mind and desire to feed my own cats with the absolute best. Born in Germany, I now conducts my continuous studies of small felines, with the help of my own group of cats, from my home on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada, where I also operates Three Gables Farm. My diploma in design and photography enables me to capture my chosen field and passion with vivid imagery, and a solution driven mind and creativity foster the creation of products made for true carnivores, to better meet the needs of people and felines alike.

Over the past decade, farming has grown to be another of my passions. My husband and I maintain a forage based, small scale, subsistence farm where we raise heritage livestock breeds. We keep cattle and sheep for meat and milk, and I know a great deal about rabbits as well. Matters of sustainability, environmental protection and humane treatment of farm animals are very important to me. All this is also reflected in my cat food premix, because the basis of feeding our nation’s pets is farming.

My background in feeding a raw diet to cats and homemade cat food goes back to 1995 when I first started feeding a homemade diet to my own cats, and subsequently founded the Feline Future Foundation in 1996, which turned into a business in 1997 and became the well-known Feline Future Cat Food Company until 2010.

In this early period from 1995-1997 I developed a raw meat cat food recipe which, over the past 20 years, seems to have become the bread and butter to many who feed a raw meat diet today. That recipe first appeared online on my felinefuture.com website in 1997 in conjunction with the business, which my former husband Scott Baker and I started. We made this recipe as a pre-made frozen raw cat food and sold our line of that cat food very successfully in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and area.

In 1998 the idea of the raw diet premix was born, because distribution of our pre-made frozen raw cat food became an impossibility after we moved with our 19 cats to Salt Spring Island, BC. That premix became extremely popular and sold throughout the world within a few years.

Today, I celebrate 23 years of feeding raw to cats! I have a great network of colleagues and friends who, as part of their own business, use my concepts to make  raw feeding available to cat owners around the world. My life is still shared by cats, and I remain an avid researcher and advocate on the subject of feline nutrition and feeding raw.