New Year 2021

December 31, 2020

Hello fellow cat lover and TCfeline customer. Thank you for checking in. That way I can tell you what is new for 2021.

Feline Future Cat Food Company: Starting at January 1st. 2021 I will once again be doing business as Feline Future Cat Food Company. Many of you may still remember that this was my business name under which I developed the raw cat food premix in 1998 and under which it sold for many, many years. A few years ago the name Three Gables Farm was used for me to do business as in order to streamline and combine my business activities of our farm and the cat food premix. Three Gables Farm will remain my location and where your raw cat food premix is being made, but 2020 brought about changes to our farming operation that inspired a return to the use of Feline Future Cat Food Company as the business name dedicated to your TCfeline raw cat food premix. To sum it up, nothing really changed exept for the revival of a business name that is simply more suited to the TCfeline raw cat food premix. The business owner (being me, Natascha Wille), my location at Three Gables Farm on Salt Spring Island in B.C., and the TCfeline raw cat food premix are all unchanged. 

Availability of TCfeline-with dry liver: I didn't think that COVID-19 would affect the TCfeline premix, but in the end it did. TCfeline-with dry liver will be discontinued early in 2021 due to unavailability of the dry liver. Please know that this is not a disaster. In some way I am glad, because since inception of this variety, which was added for customer convenience, it has been an ongoing challenge to secure a reliable source of dry liver. Addition of liver to raw cat food is essential as a source of Vitamin A, D, B Vitamins, and trace minerals like copper and zinc. Adding liver to raw cat food in the form of dry liver already blended into the premix was a bit of a lazy way of doing that and certainly not better. It turned out that the drying process almost eliminated the natural vitamin A and D content in the liver through oxidation, which required me to replace the lost vitamins with synthetic vitamins. I was also never able to formulate the TCfeline-with dry liver premix in a way to add the full equivalent of fresh liver as dry liver. That would have completely overpowered the taste of the premix and made it unaffordable. I realize that TCfeline-with dry liver was a favourite with many of you and I am sorry to force a change in your life. Going back to adding fresh liver is, indisputably, the better choice, however. I will be sharing recommendation on how to make this as convenient as possible.

Covid-19 Update: Everything at Feline Future Cat Food Company is BUSINESS AS USUAL. Pet food and supplies have been given the designation of being essential business, I have plenty of TCfeline premix in stock, and Canada Post is shipping orders. Feline Future Cat Food Company is essentially a home-based business with only me as staff, which means that physical distancing is not affecting the operation of my business and the availability of your cat's premix at all. I am observing the provincial health officer's guidelines to preventing infection and potential spread when being in public and when preparing your order. The risk of infection from ordering goods online is considered nil.   

I will post updates here if the situation changes.

- Natascha Wille