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SPRINKLES - delicious and nutritious "sprinkle-on" nutritional yeast for cat food is sadly DISCONTINUED due to low interest. This is somewhat surprising, because nutritional yeast is loved by so many cats and many a reluctant eater was enticed to eat raw by top dressing their food with this. Also perfect for masking the taste of medication or supplements in the food.

If you were a Sprinkles fan, please know that nutritional yeast is readily available in most grocery stores and health food stores, and your cat certainly doesn't have to go without.

100% human grade, pure, INACTIVE, Saccharomyces cerevisiae all natural nutritional yeast, fortified with Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12. Nutritional yeast is selected for its nutritional value ensuring consistent quality, colour and taste. It is a rich source of B-vitamins and trace minerals. Nutritional yeast is Candida free.

Recommended us: as a "sprinkle-on" condiment when feeding homemade cat food. Can be used to entice a reluctant eater to accept food or eat more. Spread a serving of cat food thinly onto a saucer and sprinkle it liberally with this yeast. Use occasionally or every day.

SPRINKLES IS NOW PLASTIC FREE! The new food grade tin jar is perfect for re-use and can easily be recycled. Instead of a label, product info is included as a paper tag to make the tin more easy to reuse. This product is packaged by me and directly shipped to you. A tamper seal is not required and further reduces the use of plastic.

Product of the U.S.A. Packaged by Feline Future Cat Food Company on Salt Spring Island, BC.