TCfeline - Special Formula, 560 g - makes 224 - 365 days of food

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TCfeline Special Formula is formulated for adult cats to prepare a diet reduced in phosphorus by omission of gelatin and freeze-dried bone. It is also fortified with Vitamin A, D, and B Complex and does not require addition of liver. The food prepared with Special Formula, using raw or cooked meat, is suitable for cats with kidney disease or bouts of constipation. It is not a medicated diet and also suitable for healthy adult cats who prefer the taste of this formula, prefer a diet without liver, or as an alternative for caregivers who can not prepare a diet with the inclusion of raw liver. 

This formula is, however, NOT suitable for kittens or adolescent cats or pregnant or lactating cats only because the bodies of growing, pregnant or lactating cats have a higher overall demand for minerals. I also like to providing those groups with a more complex source of calcium as is found in whole bone.

Detailed preparation instructions are included with each pouch or download HERE.

560 gram pouch. Use 20 gram or 3 level Tablespoons to prepare a cat food batch of 8-13 daily portions. Depending on which instructions are followed, one 560 gram pouch prepares a total of either 224  or 365 days of food.

Ingredients: New Zealand grass fed whey protein isolate, calcium carbonate, taurine, Canadian freeze-dried krill,Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E succinate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A palmitate (Retinol)