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Availability of TCfeline-with dry liver: I didn't think that COVID-19 would affect the TCfeline premix, but in the end it did. TCfeline-with dry liver was discontinued early February 2021 due to unavailability of the dry liver. USDA inspectors are not available to certify the re-packing of the material at the manufacturer into drums sizes suitable for smaller businesses.

Please know that this is not a disaster. In some way I am glad, because since inception of this variety, which was added for customer convenience, it has been an ongoing challenge to secure a reliable source of dry liver. Addition of liver to raw cat food is essential as a source of Vitamin A, D, B Vitamins, and trace minerals like copper and zinc. Adding liver to raw cat food in the form of dry liver already blended into the premix was a bit of a lazy way of doing that and certainly not better. It turned out that the drying process almost eliminated the natural vitamin A and D content in the liver through oxidation, which required me to replace the lost vitamins with synthetic vitamins. I was also never able to formulate the TCfeline-with dry liver premix in a way to add the full equivalent of fresh liver as dry liver. That would have completely overpowered the taste of the premix and made it un-affordable. I realize that TCfeline-with dry liver was a favourite with many of you and I am sorry to force a change in your life. Going back to adding fresh liver is, indisputably, the better choice, however, and I am sharing recommendation on how to make this as convenient as possible HERE.

If your cat is no longer a kitten (12 months or older) and not a breeding female (a purebred cat used for breeding or a rescued pregnant cat) and addition of fresh liver ends up a big problem for you or your cat, my premix TCfeline "Special Formula" does not require addition of fresh liver and is very well liked by cats.

TCfeline – with dry liver, 720g Raw cat food premix.  Mix with water and raw meat without bone. Instructions are included. This premix contains dried beef liver, eliminating the need to add fresh liver. It can be prepared with any type of meat. This 720g pouch prepares 162 days of food for the average adult cat. Feed approximately 1/4 cup (65 gram) of prepared food 2x day.

INGREDIENTS: New Zealand freeze-dried Bovine Bone*, Canadian Gelatin from pork skin; New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate*, N. American dried Beef Liver, Taurine, Canadian freeze-dried Krill, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E succinate,Vitamin A palmitate (Retinol), Vitamin D3 (*from grass-fed cattle).