TCfeline – ORIGINAL, 720 g - makes 180 days of food

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TCfeline Original Formula. Mix with water, raw liver* and raw meat without bone of your choosing. Detailed preparation instructions are included. The resulting homemade cat food mimics the nutritional composition of a mouse and is suitable and recommended as a staple diet for cats of all ages. This 720 g pouch prepares 180 days of food for the average adult cat. Feed approximately 1/4 cup (65 gram) of prepared food 2x day.

*Liver is an essential part of this diet and can not be omitted. It supplies essential vitamins like A, D, and several B vitamins as well as iron, copper, and zinc. However, TCfeline is formulated to give you a choice of preparing the food with either FRESH raw liver or FREEZE DRIED raw liver. Fresh raw liver is to be preferred and is a must when preparing this food for kittens, but fresh raw liver doesn't work for many who prepare this food for their adult cat. You can buy fresh raw liver at your grocery store where you buy your meat, but freeze dried raw liver can be bought at pet stores where it is sold as dog treats. Please read the label of the freeze dried product carefully to make sure you are buying a 100% pure freeze dried liver product. 

Detailed preparation instructions are included as User Guide with each pouch.

Ingredients: Canadian gelatin, New Zealand whey protein isolate, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, Canadian freeze-dried krill, taurine, Vitamin E succinate, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D3, Potassium Iodide.